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Nyxo is your personal sleep coach, helping you to sleep better and get more out of your days.

What Nyxo provides for you

Personalized sleep coaching

Combining latest scientific sleep research and your sleeping data, we provide you with a 4-week long personalized coaching program that focuses on all aspect of your sleep and day rhythm.

Easy Sleep Diary

You can easily import your existing sleep data from variety of different sleep tracker, as long as they are Apple HealthKit or Google Fit compatible. You can also manually track your sleep data using your app.

Cloud Backups

Creating an optional Nyxo Cloud account allows you to sync and store all your coaching data in Nyxo Cloud. You can also optionally give access to other users, such health care and insurance providers who also see your data from the Nyxo Cloud site. Nyxo Cloud site will be released later this year.

Nyxo for Teams

(Coming soon). Organizations and teams can also enjoy the benefits Nyxo provides. With Nyxo for Teams your organization gets access to the full coaching program. We also provide group reporting and analysis of the organization, highlighting for example if your organizationĀ“s members are rested and energized to perform at their fullest.

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