Get rid of the alarm clock


The most reliable way to hit the wake-up window is to get used to waking up without an alarm every morning. This way, you allow your body to wake itself up naturally at an ideal point of your sleep cycle. Waking up without an alarm is also a good indicator that you have had enough sleep that night. Getting rid of the alarm clock is not by any means an easy task, and the change doesn’t happen overnight. Your rhythm needs to be stable throughout the week to prevent oversleeping in the mornings. Also, accumulated sleep debt must be kept to a minimum.

If your sleep-wake rhythm is regular and you wake up roughly at the same time each day, we highly recommend you to try out waking up without an alarm even on some weekdays. How does waking up feel like without a clock? Would you be ready to get rid of the alarm clock for good?

This sort of lifestyle is not ideal for everyone (take shift workers, for example), and it is possible to adopt excellent sleeping habits even without tossing away your alarm clock. An alarm clock can also be a handy tool if you need to adjust your circadian rhythm in one direction or the other. Still, we encourage you to take this goal as a long-term objective if you find it something worth pursuing.