Make a routine out of your evening tasks


This habit combines several themes of the coaching week. You can utilize previous lessons and habits when setting your task.

Make up a pre-sleep routine for your evening. Start by choosing a simple task or activity that "marks" your bedtime. This mark should signal the beginning of restful nighttime and indicate that the day's activities are finished. After this point in time, you should not engage in any activities beyond those promoting your sleep. Put aside all unfinished tasks and move them to the next day. Choose a mark that is simple and effortless – something you can do every day at the same time (for instance, kissing the kids goodnight).

Plan a personal pre-sleep routine that begins from this mark. You can make up the steps based on your own preferences as long as the steps don't include anything too active. For example, reading a book (that has next to nothing to do with work) or listening to peaceful music or podcasts before going to bed are good options. Feel free to use previous habits as part of your routine. Make a checklist out of the steps and use it every night to complete the routine. 2-3 steps would be enough. Focus on turning these tasks into a proper routine and not worrying about falling asleep that much.