Welcome to Nyxo Sleep Coaching!


And great to have you taking part in Nyxo Sleep Coaching. The goal for the next few weeks is to get you more control of your nights and learn how to improve the quality of your sleep. To get the most out of the coaching, we recommend using a wearable that is suited for sleep tracking to track your sleep. However, that is not required. Next, we'll go through what we have in store for you! 

What do Weeks consist of?

Nyxo coaching materials are divided into four weeks, each one having a different theme. Each week concentrates on improving one aspect of your sleep and day rhythm.

The themes of the weeks are:

  1. Understanding your sleep

  2. Falling asleep

  3. Waking up

  4. Sleep & Healthy Lifestyle

What are Lessons?

Lessons are our way of simplifying the different coaching requirements of the week into dedicated goals. Lessons usually consist of learning materials and different action or exercise proposals.

Lessons are based on the theme of the week. During the coaching, you will notice that many Lessons are related to the content of previous weeks and build upon each other. Lessons are marked as completed once you go through them. You can always come back to the materials later.

What are Habits?

While lessons are meant for improving your understanding of sleep, Habits focus on turning that understanding into concrete actions to improve your sleep. Habits are small daily tasks that help you to change your Habits towards better sleep. You can decide what type of Habits are most beneficial for yourself and set them in the Clock view. You can also choose how many days you want a specific Habit to last. You can mark the Habit in effect completed in the Clock view daily.

Lessons often provide ready-made Habit proposals related to the subject of the Lesson. Pick the actions that suit your needs the best and add them to your daily Habits list. You can also come up with Habits of your own. For example, one Habit could be something like "No caffeine after 3pm".

Ready to get started?

The first Lesson is now completed! This Lesson will be marked as completed, and you can continue to the first week of the coaching. 

Sleep tight!

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