Welcome to Nyxo Sleep Coaching!

Eeva Siika-aho
Jun 16 · 4 min read


And great to have you taking part in Nyxo Sleep Coaching. The goal for the next few weeks is to get you more in control of your nights and learn how to improve your sleep quality. To get the most out of the coaching, we recommend using a wearable or other device suited for tracking your sleep (optional). Nyxo will follow your sleeping habits and personalize the coaching to fit your needs.

Next, we'll go through what we have in store for you!

What Do Weeks Consist Of?

Nyxo coaching materials are divided into four weeks, each one having a different theme. Each week concentrates on improving one aspect of your sleep and day rhythm. The themes of the weeks are:

  1. Understanding your sleep

  2. Falling asleep

  3. Waking up

  4. Sleep & Healthy Lifestyle

What Are Lessons?

Lessons are the bread and butter of Nyxo Sleep Coaching. They are intriguing science-based building blocks helping you to take control of your sleep and daytime rhythms. By understanding your sleep, you will get a more comprehensive understanding of yourself, too. Fun fact: did you know that when you are tired, you feel more hungry and are prone to eat unhealthy snacks?

One coaching week lasts for 7 days, and after finishing with the lessons, you can proceed to the next week. Take note that some lessons might not be available straight away but get unlocked in the middle of the week. All of the previous materials are there for you, so you can always revisit them.

What Are Habits?

Ambitious goals take time to achieve, and significant changes don't happen in one leap. Habits bring the coaching to action. They are small daily tasks, exercises, or routines tailored to make you sleep better from day one!

Many lessons include ready-made habit suggestions that you can pick to the list of your daily habits. Feel free to modify existing habits to suit your needs better or to create your own custom habits from scratch. You can see all of your active habits in the diary view and monitor your progress. Remember to mark your habits completed each day. If the list starts to grow too long, you can always archive old habits. Don't worry, we'll still keep your results stored!

Even the smallest things can make a tremendous difference. Try for yourself!

Ready to Get Started?

Your first lesson is now over! You can mark it completed and continue to the first week of coaching.

Sleep tight!